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Hello my far-away-haven't-yet-met friend. I'm sending you lots of compassion for having "failed" and "having no business writing a book". What I believe is that the spirit has a way of following an intention, even if it's not the intention I had in mind. When I don't do something, it's important for me to look for what intention my spirit is following, and it's usually pretty much about loving myself. I wonder what loving intention your spirit was following when you weren't "being completely honest with yourself"? As you begin again, I hope you're putting down the whip, and beginning with love.
xo, Laura, once-upon-a-time Nia teacher, part-time life coach, and soon-to-be-bookstore-owner in Virginia

Thanks for the lovely reminders, Laura. "Beginning with love"...I think that should be my morning mantra from here on out. Congrats on your new adventure, Ms. Bookstore Owner. Wahoo!

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