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When I listened this weekend, my voice said the exact same thing - patience. It also said tolerance and compassion, but that it was enough to start with patience. Didn't want to overwhelm me... :)

What a common theme! Patience with others. Patience with self. Patience with the skill of growing patience. Still, another part of me said, "Quit waiting for something to happen! Go do it!" Now I'm patiently waiting for a break. This "doing " business can wear a girl out.

I see at least one overall event or ideal making the biggest difference in my life. This is something I wish on no one, and anticipate for everyone with the hope that the weight of the pain or suffering is not overwhelming; however, that is what has made a big difference in my life; pain and suffering. Without pain and suffering I was self absorbed. Through pain and suffering, I have learned to love others with complete acceptance for who they are. Through pain and suffering of loss (loss of many things or desires) I have learned to let go and to delight in the simple. Within the pain and suffering, I have met many people; some for a moment, and some for a moment longer. Those people reached into my spirit in one way or another and caused the effects of my pain and suffering to change into something else, and that something often changed into a blessing. Therefore, I look forward to pain and suffering because it is the way of life. With it, I find that I have more patience and time to delight in the joy, the laughter, and the company of other souls and their journeys while simply being and living in the moment.

Saying "yes" to everything without any judgement because, as far as I'm concerned free will is an illusion. And the purpose of meditation as far as I'm concerned is to be able to sit in a mindful way until the illusion of separation from all that was,is, and ever shall be, disappears.

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