About the Girl

 Lisa Evans lives along the North Oregon coast with her husband, James who’s the love of her life and her cat, Buddy who thinks he’s a dog.  Affectionately known as “The Playhouse”, her home is a small, cozy cabin nestled between the mountains and the ocean.  It’s where she writes, makes a decent meal from time to time, and tries not to run into the furniture.

Lisa has held several positions during the twenty-five years she’s worked, but it wasn’t until recently that she finally knew what she wanted to be when she grew up.  As a writer and  movement artist, she combines her love of words and dance to inspire authentic, creative expression in others.  She currently facilitates a weekly dance class along the north Oregon coast and during the summer months, she takes dance outdoors and leads events on the beach.

An undergrad degree in psychology, ten years as a life coach, and a library of self-help books may have made her an informed and compassionate person, but it’s her sordid relationship history that has taught her what’s most important. She’s no romance expert, but she has enough experience to know that lying sucks, lust is normal and love is what life is really all about.  After years of procrastinating, she’s compelled and ready to share her story and write the kind of book that inspires people to get real in their relationships with themselves and with the ones they love.

When she’s not writing or dancing, Lisa can often be found on the beach collecting various “ocean treasures” or in her comfy “Big Green” chair at home sipping luscious, red wines.  She aspires to live along the Mediterranean for an extended period of time, speak French fluently, and discard boxes of miscellaneous mementos that live in her basement.  She’s known for reading several books at one time, dancing spontaneously in public places, and putting cheddar cheese on top of her pancakes and waffles before pouring on the syrup.

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