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It began with an invitation to share a story with another human being.

When I asked what in the world I should talk about, he assured me that all I would need to do was,“Come unprepared and unrehearsed.” And so on a rainy day in London in September 2006, I had an extraordinary conversation with a talented flimmaker named Nic Askew and what I thought would just be an afternoon chat over coffee has since evolved into something much bigger than I ever expected.

What came out of my mouth didn’t surprise me, but who showed up that day to tell the story did. It was a newly-married woman who admitted for the first time how inauthentic and selfish she’d been in her previous relationships with men.  It was the girl who remembered what it was like to look in the mirror and hate the reflection that stared back at her.  It was me who had finally spoken my truth.

My story is part of a much larger conversation:  Lying and cheating are rampant in our relationships.  Half of all marriages continue to end in divorce and infidelity is one of the major reasons why.  We all want to love and be loved and yet many of us do things that destroy the very thing we desire.  Why is that?  Why do we spend so much time looking outside of ourselves for whatever it is that we want (acceptance, confidence, adoration, happiness, etc.) when it always has been and always will be residing within us?  It’s a good question I’m still living my way into the answer. I hope my musings will stir you in such a way that you’ll not only take a closer look at your life for your own answers, but you’ll be inspired to take part in the conversation.

What Nic captured on film is the beginning of my story. That experience had a profound impact on my life and I suspect writing and publishing a memoir will do the same.  This blog is about my book-writing journey and the story the book will tell.

What’s your story?
Go take a look in the mirror and then come back here and tell me what you see.  Welcome to the conversation.


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