Ignored but not forgotten

by Lisa on January 22, 2013

Not Forgotten

You can ignore what you really want for only so long and then…you just can’t any longer. 

You cannot forget that which doesn’t want you to quit. 

Call it whatever you want; your goal, your dream, your desire, your must-do, your legacy, it’s still bugging you because it wants you to do something about it. I’m calling “it” something different these days. It’s my work and my art and as hard as I’ve tried to forget that writing is important to me, it won’t forget me. 

I was going to delete and disable this website, but when it came time to actually doing it, I couldn’t. When you realize destroying what you love will destroy you, you reconsider and you remember.  You can only ignore love for so long and then…you just can’t.

What have you been ignoring in your life, but hasn’t let you forget about it?

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